Special Issue of the scientific journal "Environmental and Climate Technologies"

Special Issue of Environmental and Climate Technologies Part I: Energy, bioeconomy, climate changes and environment nexus has been published!

Full volume can be find here.


The papers included in the volume are:


Survey Research of Selected Issues the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) in an Office Building

By: Katarzyna Gladyszewska-Fiedoruk


Latvian Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Infrastructure: Results of the First Year of Operation

By: Aivars Rubenis, Aigars Laizans and Andra Zvirbule


Development Features of Heat Power Industry Legislation in Russia

By: Ekaterina Mednikova, Valery Stennikov, Ivan Postnikov and Andrey Penkovskii


Assessment of the Implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans at Local Level. Case Study of Latvia

By: Anda Jekabsone, Agris Kamenders, Marika Rosa, Jan Kaselofsky and Ralf Schule


Progress in Renewable Energy Technologies: Innovation Potential in Latvia

By: Karina Suharevska and Dagnija Blumberga


Estimation of Carbon Emission Reduction from Upgrading the DH Network to the 4th Generation. Multivariate Linear Regression Model

By: Ieva Pakere, Dace Lauka and Dagnija Blumberga


Performance Evaluation of an Active PCM Thermal Energy Storage System for Space Cooling in Residential Buildings

By: Sandris Rucevskis, Pavel Akishin and Aleksandrs Korjakins


Energy Efficiency Obligations and Subsidies to Energy Intensive Industries in Latvia

By: Kristaps Locmelis, Uldis Bariss and Dagnija Blumberga


Impact of Zones with Special Status on the Environment (Experience of Russia and Kazakhstan)

By: Irina Turgel, Larissa Bozhko, Ekaterina Pracheva and Abdrakhman Naizabekov


Towards Efficient Waste Management in Latvia: An Empirical Assessment of Waste Composition

By: Anna Kubule, Kaspars Klavenieks, Rudite Vesere and Dagnija Blumberga


Methods to Evaluate Electricity Policy from Climate Perspective

By: Liga Rozentale and Dagnija Blumberga


Implementation of the Smart City Technology for Environmental Protection Management of Cities: The Experience of Russia and Kazakhstan

By: Irina Turgel, Larissa Bozhko, Elizaveta Ulyanova and Asset Khabdullin


New Vision on Invasive Alien Plant Management System

By: Lauma Zihare, Indra Muizniece and Dagnija Blumberga


Key Factors for Successful Implementation of Energy Efficiency Policy Instruments: A Theoretical Study and the Case of Latvia


Optimization of the Effective Heat Supply Radius for the District Heating Systems

By: Valery Stennikov, Ekaterina Mednikova, Ivan Postnikov and Andrey Penkovskii


On the Imaginary Accuracy of the LCA on the Basis of the Houseboat in Hamburg (Holistic Approach)

By: Maria Grajcar, Kristina Rumiantceva and Ingo Weidlich


The Role of Environmental Evaluation within Circular Economy: An Application of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Method in the Detergents Sector

By: Maria G. Lucchetti, Luisa Paolotti, Lucia Rocchi and Antonio Boggia


Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Biogas Production from Cerathophyllum demersum, Fucus vesiculosus and Ulva intestinalis in Latvian Conditions

By: Laura Pastare and Francesco Romagnoli


Life Cycle Assessment of Different Low-Temperature District Heating Development Scenarios: A Case Study of Municipality in Latvia

By: Maksims Feofilovs, Ieva Pakere and Francesco Romagnoli


Ecological Feasibility of Applying Technology in Recycling Garment and Knitwear Production

By: Olga Kadnikova, Gulnara Altynbayeva, Sergey Kuzmin, Arman Aidarkhanov, Medet Toretayev and Zauresh Khabdullina


Evaluation of the Environmental Engineering Study Programme at University

By: Jelena Pubule, Antra Kalnbalkite, Erika Teirumnieka and Dagnija Blumberga


Single Cell Oil Production from Waste Biomass: Review of Applicable Industrial By-Products

By: Kriss Spalvins, Ilze Vamza and Dagnija Blumberga


New PV Micro-Modules on Standard Roof Tiles

By: Pawel Wujek and Piotr Sprawka


Thermodynamic, Environmental and Economic Simulation of an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for Waste Heat Recovery: Terceira Island Case Study

By: Lisandra Rocha-Meneses, Jose Carlos Silva, Sandra Cota and Timo Kikas


Why Biopolymer Packaging Materials are Better

By: Nadeeshika Silva and Dagnija Blumberga