Application for international scientific conference “ENVIRONMENTAL AND CLIMATE TECHNOLOGIES 2013” has been expended

The Environmental Engineering Session of the 54th International Scientific Conference of the Riga Technical University will be held 14 - 16 October 2013. The Conference has been envisaged as a regular scientific forum and its main aim is to acquaint researchers with achievements in the area of energy systems and environmental engineering and to give the scientists, especially PhD students, an opportunity to publish the results of their research.


Climate change is one of the topics that lately causes the most interest and concern among all environmental problems raising heated discussions among scientists, politicians, and practitioners, as well as within society as a whole. The Environmental engineering session of the year 2013 will be devoted to the mitigation of climate change, focusing to the development of low carbon emission technologies. Scientists and practitioners reflect the development of low carbon emission technologies – pure technological solutions for the utilization of non-fossil energy sources and increasing energy efficiency.


The official Conference language is English.


The registration fee is 100 EUR. The registration fee covers a copy of the conference proceedings, admittance to all sessions, refreshment breaks, lunches.


Submission deadline of the preliminary registration has been expended to September 1. Application by filling online registration form on