Analysis and assessment of H2S sorption capacity of the selected biofiltration materials

kamyab mohammadi, Rasa Vaiskunaite, Alvydas Zagorskis


Hydrogen sulfide known as one of the highly toxic chemical compounds existed in the raw biogas and needs to be eliminated before implementation at any industrial sector. Biofilter (a typical bioreactor) is a tool used to separate sulfide/sulfate from hydrogen by biofiltration method, which is known as the green technology. Packing material is the main component inside a laboratory-scale biofilter to undertake the desulfurization process of H2S. This study is dedicated to evaluating number of selected recyclable/waste organic, inorganic, and synthetic packing material’s rate of impact on amplifying purification progress of hydrogen sulfide from biogas, known as biofilters “removal efficiency (RE)”. Variable effective factors such as environmental and equipment conditions, consumed time (day), and inlet H2S concentration will be controlled throughout the measurements for all chosen packing materials. In the end, the best performed environment-friendly biofiltration material in terms of sorption capacity of H2S from the biogas will be announced.


Biofilter; biogas; hydrogen sulfide (H2S), packing material; removal efficiency (RE)

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DOI: 10.7250/%x


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