Creation of single cell protein-producing mutants of Phaffia rhodozyma

Jelizaveta Saronova, Svetlana Raita, Kriss Spalvins


Recently, there has been an increasing demand for sustainable protein sources for aquaculture. In aquaculture, sustainable protein includes sources that can be produced with a minimal environmental footprint, such as single-cell proteins, proteins from algae, insects, and by-products from the agricultural industry. Single-cell proteins that are derived from microorganisms show a sustainable alternative to traditional protein sources due to their high protein content and rapid growth. This research focuses on creating mutants of the yeast Phaffia rhodozyma to increase single-cell protein production. This yeast has significant industrial potential and biological features. The yeast Phaffia rhodozyma is already known for its unique ability to synthesize astaxanthin, so this case will focus on its ability to produce protein. In the study, we used wild strain yeast and previously obtained white mutants on inorganic nitrogen media for further random mutagenesis methods to introduce specific mutations into the genome aimed at improving their ability to biosynthesize protein. Amino acid inhibitor was used to select potential protein-producing mutants. The protein content of the biomass obtained from the experiments was analyzed in detail using BCA (Protein Assay Reagent) analysis, which confirmed their potential as a source of nutrients for aquaculture. This method is based on the reaction between bicinchoninic acid and the peptide bonds of proteins, which results in the formation of a color whose intensity is proportional to the amount of protein in the sample. The results obtained allow further research into the development of cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives for feed in aquaculture.


Amino acid inhibitor; aquaculture; glufosinate-ammonium; herbicide; mutagenesis; sustainable protein sources

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DOI: 10.7250/%x


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