Current Problems of Water Supply and Usage in Central Asia, Tian Shan Basin

Polina Lemenkova


The paper focuses on analysis of Central Asian hydro-energetic system and water usage in Tian Shan region. Tian Shan system is important water resource in Central Asia: mountains river waters are intensely taken for hydropower energy, urban systems, irrigation. But geopolitics in Tian Shan is difficult: it crosses five densely populated countries. Current problem consists in water delivery between territories located in the highlands with excellent water supply and those located in valleys with water shortage. Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan control river basins, and Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan depend on water supply. The problem of water use causes debates among these countries. Besides, climate warming affects glaciers and causes water deficit. Altogether, this leads to difficulties in hydro-energetics. A multidisciplinary analysis was performed in research: geopolitical problems of water supply in Tian Shan, spatial distribution of hydro-energetic resources and climate impact on hydro-energetics.


hydro energy, renewable resources, Tan Shan, water usage

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DOI: 10.7250/iscect.2013.002


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