Prospects and Challenges of Thermal Energy Storage in Future Energy Systems

Stefan Holler


As a result of European energy and climate policy a growing share of renewable energy can be noted in European energy markets. Especially in the electricity market this leads to a higher volatility of the electricity price. In an open market this highly affects the share of cogeneration that is generally linked to local or district heating systems. The integration of thermal energy storage in district heating systems with cogeneration increases the flexibility of operation and thus maintains the profitability of combined heat and power units.

In this paper a power-to-heat concept is proposed that offers additional benefits for thermal energy storage when electricity generation from renewable energy sources exceeds the current demand. The concept is analyzed from a technological and economic perspective.


District heating; Electrode boiler; Renewable energy; Thermal energy storage

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DOI: 10.7250/iscect.2013.005


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