Pilot Unit for Mining Waste Reduction Methods

Veiko Karu, Tiit Rahe, Erki Närep, Vivika Väizene, Juan da Costa


Oil shale mining is a crucially important industry for the Estonian economy. More than 85 percent of electricity in Estonia is produced from oil shale. The oil shale deposit is located in North-East Estonia. The oil shale bed descends three meters per kilometer to the south. The oil shale seam contains interlayered limestone. Some limestone will be used as low class aggregate, but the rest of it is the waste rock of oil shale and is stored in waste rock heaps. Crushing, separating and sampling tests of the waste material are currently being carried out. Initial results show some developments of cutting and crushing possibilities. Aim is find technological solution to reuse oil shale waste rock and improve current mining technology.


pilot unit; crushing bucket; minijig; oil shale; enrichment; mining waste management

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DOI: 10.7250/iscect.2013.008


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