Current volume of the scientific journal "Environmental and Climate Technologies"

The papers published in 2019 are available here.


The papers already published are:


The Impact of Parallel Energy Consumption on the District Heating Networks

By: Eduard Latosov, Anna Volkova, Andres Siirde, Martin Thalfeldt and Jarek Kurnitski


Application of Tropospheric Sulfate Aerosol Emissions to Mitigate Meteorological Phenomena with Extremely High Daily Temperatures

By: Gabriela C. Mulena, Salvador E. Puliafito and Susan G. Lakkis


Environmental and Climate Dilemma: Coal for Heating or Clean Air for Breathing: A Case of Prishtina

By: Bujar Bajcinovci


Cost Effective Method for Toxicity Screening of Pharmaceutical Wastewater Containing Inorganic Salts and Harmful Organic Compounds

By: Elina Strade and Daina Kalnina


An Analysis of the Impacts of Bioenergy Development on Food Security in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects

By: Saheed Matemilola, Isa O. Elegbede, Fatima Kies, Gbolahan A. Yusuf, Ganbobga N. Yangni and Ibrahim Garba


Factors Affecting Energy-Efficient Household Products Buying Intention: Empirical Study

By: Syed S. Alam, Chieh-Yu Lin, Maisarah Ahmad, Nor A. Omar and Mohd H. Ali


Identifying Carbon Reduction Potentials in Road Transportation: Creating a Carbon-Tracking Tool for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

By: Wolfram Groschopf, Elmar Fuerst, Sebastian Kummer and David Herold


Production of Ligninolytic Enzymes by Coptotermes curvignathus Gut Bacteria

By: Fadilah Ayeronfe, Angzzas Kassim, Patricia Hung, Nadiah Ishak, Sharfina Syarifah and Ashuvila Aripin


In-Situ Moisture Assessment in External Walls of Historic Building using Non-Destructive Methods

By: Ritvars Freimanis, Rasa Vaiskunaite, Tereza Bezrucko and Andra Blumberga


Particulate Matter Emission Decrease Possibility from Household Sector using Flue Gas Condenser – Fog Unit. Analysis and Interpretation of Results

By: Vivita Priedniece, Elvis Kalnins, Vladimirs Kirsanovs, Nerijus Pedisius, Ivars Veidenbergs and Dagnija Blumberga


Multicriteria Analysis of Glass Waste Application

By: Danguole Bisikirske, Dagnija Blumberga, Saulius Vasarevicius and Gintautas Skripkiunas


Evaluation of Polymer Matrix Composite Waste Recycling Methods

By: Ieva Delvere, Marija Iltina, Maxat Shanbayev, Aray Abildayeva, Svetlana Kuzhamberdieva and Dagnija Blumberga


Mandatory Procurement Lessons. Phenomena of External Initiator Factor

By: Dagnija Blumberga


Measurement and Prediction of Density and Viscosity of Different Diesel-Vegetable Oil Binary Blends

By: Mert Gulum and Atilla Bilgin


Analysis of Operation Parameters of Fish Refrigeration by Exergy Analysis. Case Study

By: Edvins Terehovics, Ivars Veidenbergs and Dagnija Blumberga


Priorities Determination of Using Bioresources. Case Study of Heracleum sosnowskyi

By: Lauma Zihare, Julija Gusca, Kriss Spalvins and Dagnija Blumberga